Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Geometry: Quadrilaterals

We did not do much Montessori work in the last couple of weeks.  The reason is that D is having Swimming Lessons and it is right after lunch.  It takes around 20 mins for us to get there and we need to eat an hour before the session.  This reduces our morning work time considerably, hence we've skipped the school room altogether.  We are working on some Language and Math workbooks, instead.  I picked these up at various Garage sales and some were given to us by a friend.  D loves working on these and I am glad that we get some school work done!  She will do 5-6 pages in each book at one sitting!  Math is the slowest though.

The rest of the afternoon and evening is spent playing outside, having fun in the sun!

After a long time D, went inside the school room today!  Seems like she missed the Montessori works!  She randomly picked the Quadrilateral tray from the Geometric Cabinet.  This was part of the order from Caliber Montessori that I picked up during their clearance sale.

She also worked on the 3-part cards.  I got these from Kid Advance.  They are awesome quality and saved me a lot of time from printing and laminating.

Then she proceeded to create a booklet of the various shapes on my suggestion, but she was so focussed on getting this booklet completed!  We used metal inset paper for the inside and construction paper for the cover.

She also then proceeded to work on the Constructive Triangle, box 1 to create the various quadrilaterals.

This is an older photo of D working on Box 1, I just did not take one today!
Since there is some new interest in the Geometry area, I want to create a Geometry station with various activities in Geometry.  I've a list of materials the I want to make using ideas that I've gathered from the various blogs and my plan is to start and finish everything by this summer, right on time for the next school year! 


  1. It's great that you're taking time for activities like swimming lessons this summer. I love your daughter's geometry work! I shared your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  2. Geometry related these type of projects are best for kids,as we know Quadrilateral means four sides but in geometry we can say any four sided shape is quadrilateral with a condition sides have to be straight and it has to be 2 dimensional. example a square, rhombus, trapezium and rectangle are also parallelograms.


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