Thursday, April 14, 2011

Classroom calendar

Understanding history helps a child locate their space in time.  This is difficult though, as the child is always aware of only the present.  Helping children understand the passage of time is difficult because of the abstract nature of the process.  One way to start the process is to have a classroom calendar and involve the child in changing dates daily while talking about what events happened previous day and the activities to look forward to the current day and the rest of the week.

I made our classroom calendar in February and D has been involved in changing the date every morning.  I just created the months, days of the week and numbers, printed, laminated and mounted that on a poster board that I bought in wal-mart.  Mine is nothing fancy, just plain, simple and easy to use for D.  All I do the beginning of each month is to lay out the dates in the right order under the days.  Less work for me!  To change the date, D hangs here black and gold bangle on the right date.  She needs help in fixing (velcro) the right day under the yesterday/today/tomorrow feature, as she cannot read the days of the week fluently yet.  She is getting better at it though!

I also added a store bought weather chart that I already had on hand.  D loves to look outside the window and change the dial every morning!

The only extra thing that I added was our address and contact numbers that D has already memorized.

There you go, our calendar, simple and straight forward, serving our purposes!  


  1. I like it!! I'm sooo bad with our calendar!! OMG I have to work with this!!lol... But as you said, simple and easy to work with it!! I love it!!! Thanks for share it!!

    Hugs from Puerto Rico!

  2. Hi Karen, hugs to you from us too! Glad you like our calendar!

  3. I like how you have the pockets to store extras for your calendar. A great addition to our calendar will be our address and contact numbers. Great idea!



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