Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Continent Boxes - South America

It has been long since I posted on our Continent Box Series.  So up next is our South America Box.

The Montessori Color for South America is pink.  I cut some pink scrapbook paper and decorated our South America Box.  As mentioned before in this post, these are IKEA cardboard boxes.

Here is a map of South America that I printed of Google and laminated.

I made some images of foods and kids of South America.  Again, I know these would interest D, that is why I made these.

South American Kids
Also in the box are included some South American Rainforest Animals.  I also printed off these cards from somebody's blog.  Can't remember where, would love to link if someone can help!

Important Landmark cards.
A Paper doll from Brazil.  So far D loves these paper dolls, one of the best purchases for the continent boxes.

The next group of items are from Argentina.  If not for the generous exchange with this family in Argentina our South America Box would have been kind of empty!

Some interesting plant samples

Beach Shells

Figurine and clay pottery


Yerba Mate Tea with the Mate and Bombilla

Argentinian Flag.
I still need to make a Flag pin map for South America.  We also have tons of books on South America and the Amazon that D really enjoys, I will post about that soon.

Hope you enjoyed looking through the contents of our South America Box!  To see more posts in this series click here!


  1. Looks good! I am both excited and intimidated to make our continent boxes. Where did you buy the paper dolls?

  2. Kylie, the paper dolls are from Amazon.

  3. Love this!! I especially like how it is geared towards your children's interest. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi what pins did you use for your flag pin work? They look different then the sharper version I have seen (large headed sewing pins). Thank you!

  5. I usually use toothpicks for making the flags, but the pins u see here were sent to us as part of the exchange and they look like plastic picks.

  6. I love this idea! What a great way to learn geography and experience a new culture, too!

  7. I love your South America continent box!:) I will share this on our facebook page:). Mate is a bit bitter- kids usually like it with sugar (won't they eat anything with sugar:)? But bravo for D for trying something new!!! :)

  8. How do you link up with people to exchange continent box items?

  9. PS, I love your box ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! ;)


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