Monday, June 25, 2012

Melted Crayon Shavings - Art

Inspired by this post @ The Artful Parent, we created some melted crayon art!  

D and M grating some crayons
Our Crayon shavings in a muffin box
D sprinkled the shavings onto wax paper
I folded the wax paper in half and ironed it between a sheet of easel paper 
Her finished melted crayon art!

I used some fancy shearing scissors and cut out some bunting,  hearts, flowers, etc to decorate our patio door.  Sorry for the bad picture, it was too bright outside!
The window near our front door!
They look awesome and are nice and colorful and summery!  This project is now categorized as one of our favorites and I am hoping to repeat this often!


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