Monday, June 11, 2012

Montessori Monday

Here are some of the school things we did last week.  I had ordered a ton of new materials from a few online retailers and those materials arrived last week! So there was a lot of action in the school room!

Some renewed interest in the knobless cylinders

Working on the first box of the newly ordered Constructive Triangles
Other than the above D also worked on our new set of Baric and Thermic Tablets.

Dynamic Subtraction using the Stamp Game
We are continuing our work using the Stamp Game.  Currently D is working on dynamic subtraction.  We mastered Addition and Multiplication, both static and dynamic previously.  D is having a little trouble understanding the exchanging concept using the stamps, so we often use the golden beads and king of work out how to break up the higher category to exchange in getting the lower category.  We are getting there with a lot of practice.

Addition Strip Board using the home made board and store bought strips!
D was so ready for this and with our new order in, we finally started work on the addition strip board!  We've started filling in our Addition Tables.  We are using D's Math Notebook (that has squares) to record the tables.  Other than these, we are slowly working on memorizing the Skip Counting Facts.  Last week D worked on the 4's.  We have the 2's, 5's and 10's memorized already.  I also introduced Fractions using our new(!) fraction insets over the weekend.

I finally got a map stand and map cabinet!  So, we had a lot of map action last week.  I need to make labels, a lot of them, ASAP!!!

Here are a couple of shots of my 2 year old in the school room.

Color Box 1

Stringing wooden spools using pipe cleaner

We ended the week by creating some henna tattoos!  I made one Mermaid theme and another Egyptian princess theme.

Hope you all had a wonderful week too!  Hop over to Montessori Monday to check out other Montessori inspired works!


  1. Lucky Duck!! I love new materials. Looks like you all stayed busy last week. The Henna tattoos turned out real nice. Thank you for sharing.


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