Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some late Toddler/Early Primary Montessori

I realized that I have not updated this blog with any of the work that my 2 year old is doing.  She has had a bout of growth and now independently doing some early Montessori Primary work.  She is so interested in counting numbers that I introduced the number rods and some counter work to her.  She can count up to 10, but I have her working only till 5.  In language will play a lot of sound games informally, but a few months a ago I introduced some objects from our alphabet box for the sounds of "f" and "m".  She still does not know the symbols, but she can easily sort the objects using the beginning sounds.

Some magnetic numbers and counts for cards and counters work

Tracing sand paper numbers 
Number rods
Here are objects from our "f" and "m" box, mixed up that she is sorting

She loves her bambino luk!  I love that this is so Montessori like and there is self checking too!  Although right now I need to help her check her work.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Montessori Elementary

Last week was a light week. It was short to begin with and during the later part of the week my little one fell sick.  So  I just don't have many pictures.  

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here D is sorting the geo solids by the number of vertices.  She was influenced by one of the recent Sir Cumference books that we read.
We also had an impromptu lesson on points, lines, surfaces and solids that was triggered by the Vertex Sorting work.
 We also started work on the grammar box.  We were done with all the grammar presentations for primary and D was ready for this.  I created this grammar box using matt board.  I roughly created each slot to be 3 x 3 inch.  The slanting boards are foam covered in construction paper.  For the bigger slot where the word strips go, I have construction paper cut to size and ready to go, when we get to that part of the work.

The grammar box cards are from Montessori Print Shop and I have stored in a tool box.

D worked on the first couple last week.  They were pretty easy for her as she had already completed these in primary.

Here she is discovering the rule to using "a" and "an"
 She loved writing out the rule in her grammar notebook!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Montessori Elementary

Just before the holidays we started reading the second book in the Jennifer Morgan trilogy.  This roughly covers the Second Great Lesson - The Coming of Life.

We started working on the "Clock of Eras" and D is very interested and intrigued by the origins of life. As I was looking through various albums, books and websites I found great explanations and lesson plans for the clock of eras at  The lessons here provide just enough information, some activities and leaves D with curiosity to learn more.

Here D is creating the "Thinkers" 

Thinkers are multiplying inside the bubbles
We've been doing a lot of Science around here.  Here is a picture of a tiny bug that we found and looked in our microscope.  This was a great review and pretty hands-on review of the parts of an insect.  We also could clearly see the compound eyes and tiny hairs of the insect.

I am encouraging D to write down in her science journal.  This activity is perfect for my writing loving girl!
As you can see we've been working a lot with Magnets!
In case you are interested we own the following two kits.  The Lauri one came highly recommended by MyBoysTeacher and we love the other one too!

As I have mentioned before D is not interested a least bit in using the Subtraction Strip Board.  She works on her Subtraction equations, by figuring out the missing part in the equation.  For example, if the equation is 17-9, she calculates that 9+8 is 17 and figures out that 8 is the difference.  For differences that she is not sure, she uses all kinds of strategies!  For example, if she does not know what 13-4 is she breaks the 13 into 10 and 3, subtracts the 4 from the 10 and adds the 3!  It is so interesting to see how her mind works!

She is writing down her subtraction problems in her math journal.
 We occasionally work on the RightStart workbook, mostly just to change things up.  D never goes in order, she browses the book and works on whatever catches her fancy.  Last week she was working on some money problems and this week she was doing 4-digit addition using the abacus.

Add caption
We also are working on memorizing the multiplication facts by skip counting.  We play some of the RightStart games.  Right now she has the 2,3,5,9 and 10 facts down!  We are currently working on the 6 facts!  We alternate between playing games and using the Multiplication bead boards.

She also pulled out the North America puzzle map this week after a long time and enjoyed putting the puzzle together and labeling the countries.

In Language, we've covered all the parts of speech.  I need to work on putting out writing mechanics and words study presentations, but I have been lagging behind.  I should also get started on the grammar boxes as D is so ready for it.  I've been taking it easy and we have just been doing First Language Lessons level 2 and Writing with Ease Level 2.  The lessons are short and easy and perfect to just pull out and go for us.  D completed First Language Lessons Level 1 a couple of months ago.  There is a lot of repetition, so we do 4-5 lessons in one sitting, given that we have covered all the grammar already in the Montessori Sequence.  D enjoys the poetry, stories and summarizing activities that we do as part of the lessons though!

Now that I am looking back, this was a lot of work accomplished for the week, given that we were out on a field trip to a farm on Tuesday and had our weekly Co-op day today!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lessons on the Earth's Seasons

We've been learning about the seasons and the reasons for seasons at our house lately.  Here are some pictures taken during the last few days.
Using a flashlight to show how the sunlight is more direct at the equator than at the poles.

D trying out the months around the sun and using the globe to go around it to see how the different months would be in the different seasons because of the Earth's tilted axis.

Visualizing 365 and 1/4 days using the golden beads and the fraction inset.

Sorting out the seasons cards from Montessori for Everyone.

Doing the birthday walk as some one recently turned 6!

The sisters being the earth, are rotating and revolving around the sun!  
We also loved reading this book that explains beautifully the seasons cycle and how any disruption affects the other Earth cycles.