Friday, February 1, 2013

Ancient China and Africa: SOTW

We had taken a break from SOTW since we changed gears last year and began the great lessons.  But D always asks for SOTW as she loves the stories and the activities!  Here are some of what we did when we covered Ancient China and Ancient Africa.

Chinese Ming Bowl
Here D is painting her Chinese Ming Bowl.  She made it using air dry clay and a kitchen bowl for mould.

The finished bowl!

 African Paper Beads Necklace

Here D is tracing and cutting triangles on the back of a scrapbook paper for her beads.  We should have used a smaller  triangle though!
The paper triangle rolled up and glued.

All threaded and ready to be worn!

African Hand Art
We do a lot of henna based mehendi at home, so we decided to do the hand art on paper and make a garland instead.

The hands we traced using construction paper.

We used sharpies to make the designs.


  1. Nice activities! I especially love the Chinese Ming Bowl.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. FUN FUN FUN! My son would love these activities! We use Mystery of History and he loves that too - he'd do both SOTW and MOH if we had time ;) So shhh don't tell him about SOTW ;)

  3. Wow! Are the art projects part of SOTW, or are you just choosing your own to go with it?

    1. The activities are suggested SOtW. Thanks for stopping by!


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