Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

This week was a very short week, given that we had my birthday, valentines day, a field trip, a party and co-op.  We still managed to keep up with some schooling.  We continued with FLL and that led to this Montessori work on Animals and their sounds.

Something new in Math this week.  We worked on the subtraction snake game.

D then decided to give me some very hard(!) addition problems.  She had to verify my answers, so we got her practice done anyway!

She worked on some logic type puzzles on her miniLuk.

D used glitter glue to paint some rocks for our Valentine Exchange with local friends.

We made some Mushroom Spore prints as part of our fungi study.

We made some Solid Gold Nubian Bracelets with Toilet paper roll and gold paint.

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