Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly wrap-up

Here are some shots from our work this week.  In Language, we continued working on diagramming sentences.  We still continued with FLL and WWE.  Presently in FLL we are working on memorizing the list of pre-positions.  I find that this helps her a ton with diagramming sentences.  I like that we used Montessori to understand the different parts of speech and while that helps a lot when analyzing what words belong to what part of speech, memorizing helping verbs and preposition lists make the work go a lot faster!

In Math, D wanted to work on the Singapore Math Textbook.  While we are done with the 1A and 1B levels, D started the 2A one this week.  We don't do the workbooks.  D likes to switch things around and loves to work on some workbook style Math at times.  Given where she is at the Montessori Sequence, I suspect that most of the work in the 2A and 2B levels should be fairly easy to her.  It is in a different format and using pictures to solve problems challenges her differently.  One of the exercises was to order 2 digit numbers and D had difficulty doing those pages and I had to remind her to get the golden beads to see which ones where greater.  I realized that she clearly understood place value, but when confronted with a few numbers and ordering, she could not easily do that.  So as a way to practice I placed the number cards from the Place Value Cards from MPS in a basket and told her how to play this new game.  She basically picks up 4 cards at a time from the pile and orders them.  Since these are cards and easy to move around, she could easily arrange them.  This has given her a lot of confidence in figuring out the right order to the problems in the Singapore Math Textbook.

She continued to work on Fraction Equivalences.

Here she is figuring out what strategies she can use to find the answers without the use of manipulatives.  She has learnt a few strategies in RightStart and is practicing what she can use to solve these.  We do around 5 problems 2-3 days a week.

She got into measuring things with a tape measure she found. We briefly discussed measurement and standard vs non-standard measurements.

I had purchased a Brock Magiscope on eBay for $20!  We've been having fun looking at various things around the house.  I used my phone to get pictures of the items we were seeing.  This week I ordered the 10x wide eyepiece off eBay again!

Sea Salt Crystals 
Sugar Crystals
Here is a new work for M, that she repeats several times a day!  Placing Marbles on Golf Tees!

To finish this post off, here is a Master piece by D again!  She made a collage of her own drawings!


  1. The math work sounds interesting! Sounds like you guys had a nice week. Love the art work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. $20 is a great buy on the magiscope! I love her math notebook...I see we are like-minded :)

  3. Love the magiscope :) Where did you get the notebook for her math, or did you make it? If so, do you mind sharing what you used to make it?

    1. I purchased the math book in India, but I am sure you can make some on your own. Livable learning has free sheets with different sized squares.

  4. I love the work your daughter has been doing lately! It's great that you observe what works best for her and adapt as needed. Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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