Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Some late Toddler/Early Primary Montessori

I realized that I have not updated this blog with any of the work that my 2 year old is doing.  She has had a bout of growth and now independently doing some early Montessori Primary work.  She is so interested in counting numbers that I introduced the number rods and some counter work to her.  She can count up to 10, but I have her working only till 5.  In language will play a lot of sound games informally, but a few months a ago I introduced some objects from our alphabet box for the sounds of "f" and "m".  She still does not know the symbols, but she can easily sort the objects using the beginning sounds.

Some magnetic numbers and counts for cards and counters work

Tracing sand paper numbers 
Number rods
Here are objects from our "f" and "m" box, mixed up that she is sorting

She loves her bambino luk!  I love that this is so Montessori like and there is self checking too!  Although right now I need to help her check her work.


  1. I've never heard of the Bambino Luk. It looks neat! Can you do a more detailed post on how it works?

    1. Lisa, as you can see in the picture above, the task is to match the person/object with the foot track. The transparent controller box containing the six tiles goes on top of the page. There are six tiles that you place on the person/object to begin. You pick one up and place it in the match track in the page below. You do that for all six and once you are done, you can close the controller box and verify if the pattern matches what is on the answer key. So, each workbook has several such puzzles on different categories and you can by several such age appropriate workbooks separately, though you only need one controller. Hope my explanation helps! Let me know if you need more explanation! They have a different (harder) version for older kids with similar logic/critical thinking puzzles. That is called the miniLuk and I have that one also for my older one.


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