Friday, February 8, 2013

Some Practical Life

Last week, when we were stuck inside the house while the kids were getting better, we indulged in some practical life - old fashioned cleaning!

Their tables were really dirty with all the painting and artwork that they do.  We used one scotch brite, that I cut in half to fit their hands, added some soapy water and the action began.

Hard at work!

Shiny and clean

Before - Really dirty table

After - Squeaky clean!
We also used a Duster to dust out shelves and puzzles.  The kids took turns alternating, with one incharge of removing items and putting them back and the other dusting.

Result: One really clean school room!


  1. That is a fantastic table cleaning job :)

    1. Thanks! Since they did such a good job, I am letting them scrub my kitchen cabinets now!


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