Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Story by D

Here is the latest by D:

In case you cannot follow her writing, here is the Story:

The Earth - by D

Once upon a time a bad witch was making poison! and her cat was very bad to other people.  One day she killed Bheemun and she ate him.  Then she threw up.

- The End.

Here is conversation we had after I read her story:

Me: I like your story, good job! So, I see you have drawn the Earth, what is that round thing next to it and why didn't you color that?
D: That is the Moon so it is white Mom.
Me: Why did you draw the Earth and Moon with your story?
D: That is because the witch is on the Earth and this happened at night.
Me: Oh ok!

So after sometime she gets me this picture to add on to the story!

The Witch!

Story writing was not prompted by me, D did it by herself after we were done with school!  I had to help her with spelling a few words, but I love how she has a beginning, middle and end to her story!  This is definitely a result of giving the child the needed tools and surrounding her with a rich environment and setting her free to create what she wants!  


  1. SOOO jealous of the beautiful handwriting little girls seem to produce...although I do realize you both deserve props for careful work and thorough prep. Congrats!

  2. Thanks, we do copy work at least 3 lines 3-4 times a week and this has helped a lot!


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