Sunday, May 20, 2012

More Odd/Even and Skip Coutning

We had a rain free week last week, so we spent a lot of time playing outside and enjoying it! We had only a couple of days of school last week.  One of those days I found D trying to use the bead bars to list the Odd and Even Numbers until 20.  It is amazing how versatile and open ended all of the Montessori Materials are.  Isn't spontaneous learning wonderful, especially when the adult plays no part in the initiation of the experience!

This led to a discussion of skip counting by 2's and D wanted to do all of her chains.  We only have the short bead chains.

She enjoyed this work so much and she wanted to complete all the 9 chains.  She even joined us late for dinner, since she wanted to complete this work!  The bead material is so expensive, but should I bite the bullet and get the long bead chains? Decisions... decisions...


  1. Way to go D! I love Montessori math and look forward to watching my kids learn with it someday too :)

  2. This is great work! I really want the bead cabinet:) It is a bit much, but I can definetly see how it would benefit my children. I really enjoy peeking into your home school. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Yes Kylie, the Math materials are what first drew me to Montessori. We have so much fun!

  4. Thanks DM for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love your blogs and enjoy your posts too!


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