Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up: Montessori Elementary

Last week was a light week. It was short to begin with and during the later part of the week my little one fell sick.  So  I just don't have many pictures.  

Sorry for the bad lighting, but here D is sorting the geo solids by the number of vertices.  She was influenced by one of the recent Sir Cumference books that we read.
We also had an impromptu lesson on points, lines, surfaces and solids that was triggered by the Vertex Sorting work.
 We also started work on the grammar box.  We were done with all the grammar presentations for primary and D was ready for this.  I created this grammar box using matt board.  I roughly created each slot to be 3 x 3 inch.  The slanting boards are foam covered in construction paper.  For the bigger slot where the word strips go, I have construction paper cut to size and ready to go, when we get to that part of the work.

The grammar box cards are from Montessori Print Shop and I have stored in a tool box.

D worked on the first couple last week.  They were pretty easy for her as she had already completed these in primary.

Here she is discovering the rule to using "a" and "an"
 She loved writing out the rule in her grammar notebook!

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  1. Nice work! I especially like how you made your grammar boxes.

    Thank you for sharing.


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