Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Toddler Trays

Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.  My husband was on vacation for the last two weeks and we had an awesome, relaxing time and a lot of family bonding! We were sad to send him off to work today.  Since somebody has got to make money, we've got to live with this!

Here are some quick trays that I put together yesterday for my toddler.  I added tweezers, tongs and chopsticks where needed so that D can have an additional challenge if she chooses these trays.

Dropping Winter Themed Erasers through the  slot

Pouring/Tweezing Snowflake Confetti

Pegs on Strofoam

Dropping Ping-pong balls through Slot using Spoon/Tongs

Credit Cards Insertion into Wallet

New Ring Stacker Toy from IKEA
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  1. I cannot find short, multi-colored golf tees anywhere! I think my little boy would love them.

    These are great ideas! I hope you will come share them at my new tray linky party!

  2. Sierra, I get mine from the Dollar store. I've seen this in Michaels too. It is part of a tiny game set. Hope you can find it, lot of versatile uses!

  3. Great activities, as usual! I featured your pouring/tweezing snowflake confetti photo and your post in my Montessori-Inspired Winter Activities at


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