Friday, January 6, 2012

Antarctic and Arctic Unit - Books

We've begun a unit study of Antarctica and the Arctic this week.  This has given us a chance to explore our Continent Box (post pending) in detail.  For this post, I am posting some of the wonderful books that we read that have inspired a lot of neat activities.  We own most of these and we did check out a few from the library.

These two books are about the Continent Antarctica. The first one gives an overview of the continent and it was an easy read for D. The next book is a read aloud with beautiful illustrations and repeating words.

Here are some of the animal books that we own and we've read this week.


 These two books, one about a gray whale that describes its journey from the Arctic to the Mexican lagoons and the other about a little emperor penguin's life, were interesting reads for D, as it presented a lot of facts in story form.


The next two are fictional stories that we've enjoyed along with the above. (The "Cow" one is hilarious!)

I also got the following three readers from the library for D to read to herself.

To help myself in answering all the questions D has about Antarctica, in addition to the above, I've also made a ton of cards and books with a lot of information on Antarctic Scientist, animals, transportation, weather, etc.  I will post about these in my next post about our Antarctica continent box.

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