Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snowflakes - Crayon Resist Watercolor

Here is another winter activity that is popular this season both on Pinterest and the blog world.  It fit well with our Antarctica unit too.  We had an afternoon of quiet art time today.

This activity is very simple.  
  1. You use white or a light colored crayon to draw snowflakes or patterns of your choice on a sheet of paper.  
  2. We also did a crayon rubbing of a big snowflake and some confetti. 
  3. Cut the paper into into smaller pieces.  
  4. Color each piece using water colors.  
  5. Assemble your artwork, hang and enjoy!  
The pieces we used for crayon rubbing, plastic snowflake ornament and confetti.

Finished work, drying.

Proud display on our Art wall.
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