Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toddler Montessori

I've introduced some works to M in the montessori area.  I have the bottom couple of shelves from one of our shelves in our school room assigned to M where her works are set up.  Here are some pictures of M in action!

We have the mini knobbed cylinders that I got from KidAdvance.  M is so drawn to those, so I let her have a go at the first set.  As you can see from the picture above she uses the correct grasp!  I don't know if this is too early for her as she is only 13 months old, but she seems so ready and interested and look at her focus and concentration in that picture! (On a side note, don't you love the chubby little hand and feet in the picture! My baby is growing up so fast!)

She is dropping some craft sticks through the piggy bank slot.  She has been practicing for months now and is a real expert in this!

Another variation and this time she is dropping some large buttons of different shapes through the slot.

We usually work in the morning for 10 - 15 mins and close up the school room for M to prevent her from getting into all of D's work.  But she sneaked into the school room later on that afternoon and I found her doing this!

She had emptied the bottle of all the Q-tips that it had (another work that I had out for her) and dropped all the crayons and pencils through the opening into the bottle!  Love how she invented this work for herself! Definitely a Montessori child!

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