Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sand plus Water - Childhood fun

I got a big fisher price sandbox for $5 on a garage sale this weekend.  I added a couple of plastic boxes for water play in addition to this sandbox.  D and M are having a blast everyday!  We have tons of beach/sand/water toys that are used frequently in addition to leaves, branches and flowers.

D is at a stage where her imagination runs wild.  She is out there having a picnic or making soup or baking cookies!  Our sandbox is a big attraction and I find our neighborhood kids often crowded in our backyard.  M is just one and she plays for the sensory aspect of mud and water.  She is good most of the times in not putting things in her mouth, but I still watch her like a hawk!  At times I find her imitating her sister often ending up in a battle for using the same thing. Joys of sisterhood!  Here is a peak of both of them having a blast at our back yard!

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  1. Looks like the are having lots of fun!


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