Friday, June 10, 2011

Art Outdoors

All of you would know our adventures with sand and water play the past few weeks but I was getting a bit tired of finding sand everywhere in the house, in spite of strict rules of a bath as soon as they come inside and before the kids touch anything.  I cant figure out how, but there is sand everywhere! So to change things a bit I decided to add an easel, some finger paints and a few spray bottles with colored water.  M could not squeeze the triggers so she just did some finger painting and wandered off.  So I set up another station at her height where she could just sit on the floor of the deck and do her finger painting, but D had a lot of fun with her materials and mixing colors!  We rounded up the day by cleaning up in our yard sprinklers and drying off in the night breeze!  Here is a picture of D having fun with her easel and art materials!  I definitely like this idea of doing art outside whenever possible, the cleanup is sooooo easy!

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