Thursday, February 10, 2011

New February Works

As mentioned in my previous post due to my printer being down, I've only added a few works to D's shelves. Luckily D hasn't been bored and has been working with some of the old stuff too. Here are some of the new things in no particular order:

Arranging clothespins on the lid.  This is just an old watch box of mine and clothespins with some valentine stickers.

I did not take a picture of the valentine art basket I put together for D, this is the picture after she cut out the valentines and glued glitter on them.  We hung the valentines she made on our cherry blossom tree and it is decorating our foyer now!

Our open and close basket.  D enjoys these so much!

The blogosphere famous pipe cleaner - pony bead activity.  Another one that she loves.

Memory game with some simple CVC words.  We've been playing with these for the past couple of days and D is starting to recognize these words on sight as opposed to trying to blend every time.

Just a variation on the cards and counters.  D can count very well but this is just to re-iterate odd and even numbers.  Normally she is not much interested in counting activities, but this one has had a lot of use since I put it on the shelf.

Some pattern blocks with patterns that I drew and colored.

Once my printer is fixed, I will have some more work that I've already prepared but waiting to print out.

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