Saturday, January 18, 2014

School Week 1-13-2014

Here is a summary of what my 7 year old did this week.  We have not planned or scheduled anything.  All of this was initiated by her, of course I encourage some by careful strewing!

We started of the week by watching "Big Bang: Universe Story" on Amazon.  We had a discussion after this by recalling what we did during our First Great Lesson last year and reading the Jennifer Morgan book.

Then she wanted to work on Math, so she picked up the RS Level C Math workbook and worked on Multiplication Arrays, Addition with Carry over, clocks and word problems. We had stopped half way through Level C some time during the middle of last year.  She was working on the first part of the workbook and this was general review.

She did some pages on Mad libs for language practice.  She been reviewing books for San Francisco Book Reviews and this week she reviewed one of the two that she received.  This is a great way to read new books!

We were discussing something and one thing led to another and we started talking about air pressure and started recalling what we did and learnt while doing BFSU Air Pressure lessons.  That was for science.

We are yet to finish the book 1 of SOTW.  Disha (known as D in this blog, my 7 year old) wanted to start from the beginning of book and read through it again!  She has started it on her own now.

She has also been watching lots of brain pop and reading her other book that she received for review.

We also started Art Journaling this week.  


  1. Mad Libs, I had completely forgotten about these! I used to love these a child, and now that T, my 7yo, is into grammar, these would be a great exercise for him!

    And do tell more about how you are art journaling.

  2. It is good to see you are back sharing again, I missed ya'll! D is quite the artist. We have yet to finish SOTW too, so many rabbit trails I don't think we will ever finish it :) Thank you for sharing,


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