Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A day in the life

We keep reading different blog posts about "A Day in the Life" of various homeschool bloggers.  Some of us friends, decided to track every thing we do and post and compare notes.  So here is our day, on Monday of this week.

Monday, Jan 27th, 2014.

I wake up when it is still dark.  No space to sleep! All four of us are crowded in a king bed.  I wake up to find Disha's hand on my face and Megha lying down on my legs.  I carefully move them as to not wake them and move over to the foot of the bed, where there is literally only a foot of space left!  I don't sleep well.  I hear the alarm and DH waking up and using the bathroom down the hall.  I put a pillow over my head.  Megha wakes up because her nose is blocked.  I make her lay down on my tummy so her head is raised.  It is still dark outside and I calculate the time to be sometime after 6 since DH is awake.  Disha wakes up in the noise and complaints that she does not get to sleep next to me.  I ask her to move closer.  Meanwhile DH comes in to enquire what the commotion is all about.  At this point I am fully awake, I just don't want to move and wake sleeping Megha.  I wait for her to fall into deeper sleep while entertaining and planning the day with Disha.  I look at my phone and the time is 7 AM.

7.15 After checking FB and mails in bed, Disha and I leave Meg sleeping and get out of the bedroom.  I go into the bathroom for my morning routine while Disha heads to the couch to read.

7.45 DH leaves after I give him some cereal.  I make coffee and start to look for the laptop and can't find it!  I call DH and he gives me some leads, but none useful! I finally find it in the hall closet.  Meanwhile D reads another book.  She has no plans to brush her teeth or eat anything before the chess class!

8 AM Chess class starts.  They are doing different openings.  Disha is not there yet, so I should probably attend the classes and take notes for later.  She does answer a few questions.

8.15 Meg wakes up and finds us.  The three of us cuddle before the laptop.  I finish my coffee.  Meg gets hungry and wants to eat the cup cake we bought last night.  I try to negotiate some fruit with it and finally give up and just give her the cup cake.

8.30 Disha gets lured by cup cake and quits class half way through. She brushes her teeth finally and makes herself a breakfast of cup cake, cereal and fruit.  She eats it while reading Peter Pan and Vaccinations.  I continue the class and also watch the archived spanish opening video.

9.30. Checked email and replied to piano teacher's new schedule.  I get hungry and want to go have breakfast, but D wants to do some SOTW.  She finds the review cards and we go thru the chapters we've done.  We talk about timelines and how she could do one and add on to it.  She wants to do some activities  and starts to search for our activity book in the school room.  The school room is a mess and she cant find it.  While she is there she happens to take a look at the maps and has an idea for a new project.  She wants to create a pin map with the flight symbols on a world map, but the puzzle pieces were all scattered.  She comes upstairs to inform me about the mess in the school room.

10:00 I have a breakfast of coffee and bread while D talks to me about her ideas.  Meg wants no breakfast but just a glass of milk.  We plan an afternoon of cleaning.  I finish up and check whats for lunch.  We have left overs from last night, so I don't have to make anything.  Meanwhile D starts to draw a united airlines plane while meg watches intently.  this drawing session continues till 10.45.

10.45 We start math at my suggestion and she works on clock, money and subtraction.  She sees the next lesson on geometry and wants one more lesson.  We do some perimeter math and are done.  While our Math lesson is going on, Meg does some drawing in her journal right next to me.

11:30 D found her FLL books during her visit to the school room in the morning and gets it upstairs.  She writes one thank you letter to her new friends.  This takes 45 mins as she is obsessed with making it look her best. I get bored, check FB, email and play with Meg.

12:00 The kids get hungry and I leave to get their lunch heated up.  I hear shouts from the living room and had to break them up apart from hurting each other!  This happens twice more in the next 10 mins.
12:15: Give the kids lunch and I have mine while watching a talk show that I wanted to catch up on.
12.45: The kids eat some and waste some.  But they are done and wander back into the living room.  D starts to draw in her dry erase board, while Megha watches and simultaneously sorts the dry erase markers by color.  I am still watching TV.

1:00: I finally go clean up the table.  Disha draws a picture of a family of dad, mom and herself.  Megha gets upset that she is not in the picture!  Disha explains that this was before Megha was born.  Meg doesn't like the explanation, so Disha finally draws a picture of Meg.  She also changes the dad to wearing shorts instead of pants and the kids laugh about how he looks!  I snap a few pictures.

1:30: I type up our day till now and watch some previous episodes. The kids continue to draw and lucky me aren't fighting!
2:00: We go downstairs.  The kids decide to play instead of helping me clean.  I take some before-pictures before attempting the clean.  The kids play some, fight some, I intervene, redirect, then clean, they play and this goes on.

5:00: I hear things getting really bad and realize the kids are hungry.  I finish up, snap a few pics and check up on them.  Their play room is a mess and we put things away before heading upstairs.

5:10: I make myself a coffee and the kids eat fruit.  Meg has a banana and a glass of milk.  Dish has a kiwi and some straw berries.  I start the rice and finish up the peas dish and start cutting the long beans.
5:30: The kids want to watch Little travelers on TV and I switch it on for them while I finish up dinner.  While I am at it I also get black channa ready in the crock pot for tomorrow.

6:30: I msg DH to see if I need to pick him up from the bus stop and give the kids some cashew nuts.  I realize I never had the coffee that I made and heat it up and join the kids to watch TV.

6:45: I get a call from DH that he had a late meeting and is just boarding.  I switch on the laptop and continue to update this while watching TV. We finish watching British Isles and are now onto Japan

7:15: Another round of nuts and DH calls that he is going to the ATT store on the way.  Have to pick him from there when he calls.

7:45: DH calls, the store is closed.  Get the kids changed and go pick him up.

8:00: We all have dinner while talking about the day.

9:00: Relaxing on the couch having some family time.  I finish typing up and we head to bed by 9.30.

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  1. Wondering what kind of chess classes D takes? My daughter has been asking me, and I am clueless (other than basic moves of each piece) when it comes to chess. And thanks for giving us readers a peek into your day. We just started homeschooling this year, and it is good to be reminded that all this is 'normal'. :)


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