Thursday, December 20, 2012

Artist in focus: Paul Klee

 It has been a long time wish of mine to study some of the works of great artists with my kiddos.  We kept postponing this for some reason or the other.  So finally this month I decided to start.  We started with Paul Klee.  He shares a December Birthday with D and so we decided to start with him.  We used the following three books, to study about the artist, his style and some of his works.

So, this afternoon we worked on the projects in the Mary Ann Kohl book, that focused on lines.  The technique was simple.  We use a black sharpie to create a work with just one single continuous line.  Then we used water colors to color it in.  We did one real and one abstract painting.  We also did a sculpture.  We used pipe cleaners instead of floral wires as suggested in the book and that is what I had on hand.  After doing our pictures we wanted to provide interesting names for the paintings and sculpture just like Paul Klee!  Here are the finished products.

M called hers Fireworks Blue!

Beach Day by  D

Tchaikovsky's Ballet by D

Xmas Day sculpture using pipe cleaners by D and M.

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