Friday, September 7, 2012

Pronoun Work

I have been really slacking in our language area though D's interest in Grammar and the function of words are at an all time high.  Between the work at home and all the co-ops and classes that we're attending I've just not had the chance to update our shelves.  So far we've worked to some extent on Nouns, Articles, Adjective and Verbs.  Anytime we read a story D always tries to figure out which work is which part of speech.  So recently she began asking questions about the pronouns we encounter while reading various books.  I quickly explained the concept of pronouns and flipped through some of the albums we have and put together this tray for her to work with.

All you do is take a poem or a nursery rhyme that the child is familiar with and replace all the pronouns with their corresponding nouns.  You also provide the actual pronouns so the child can work on replacing the nouns to make the poem sound right!

This is a great way to work on pronouns and D loved it!


  1. Very creative! My youngest two found out this week while doing Latin that need more work on Grammar. Good for you for being able to take advantage of the sensitive period. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks DM! This was not my original idea, I read this on one of the elementary albums!

  3. I appreciate that you took the time to link this post to the language linky. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  4. What a wonderful idea! (Hopping over from We Don't Need No Education Language Linky.)


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