Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Canopic Jars and the Sarcophagus

We used the instructions in this book to make a Canopic jar.  We used Crayola Air Dry Clay to make it.  D made the body and lid of the jar and I had to help her make and paint the details of the Baboon Face.

But there was one problem with this, it was big enough not to fit our mummy's organs but the whole mummy itself! So we ended up making two tiny Canopic Jars.

D formed the shapes and I had to mold in the details.  Then we painted it and D asked me to fill in the details.

For the Sarcophagus, we decided to settle on a shoe box and the kids painted it red and golden.

Here is our mummy in its final resting place!  We even had an "Opening of the Mouth" ceremony!  We placed the mummy first in a coffin that we had recently purchased at a museum and the rest of the contents along with it!

We had an awesome learning experience with it.  In fact this topic led to discussion about the various ceremonies different cultures/religions follow and how it is done in Hinduism.  I need to search a few books on that topic for D to read at her level!


  1. What a fun project! Would love to have you link up to the Culture Swapper again!


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