Thursday, December 8, 2011

Check out the Mom Bloggers eBook @ Living Montessori Now

Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori: Favorite Ideas and Activities e-book has been published, thanks to Deb @ Living Montessori Now and John Bowman who wrote Montessori at Home!  To get the e-book you need to subscribe to the newsletter from Living Montessori Now.  You will not only receive this free e-book, but also Karen Tyler's 3-6 Geography Album!  I've added a "Contributor" button to my sidebar that is also below, that will take you to this post, that has the instructions for getting the e-book.  Be sure to check it out, it has tons of great ideas from all the wonderful mom bloggers out there!  Once you get the book, let me know how you like it!

I contributed to Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori!

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  1. Thanks so much for writing about the free eBook and for linking to Living Montessori Now! And a huge thank you for your wonderful contribution to the book! :) Deb @


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