Saturday, November 12, 2011

FIAR - Volume 1: Madeline

I am extremely behind on posting about the FIAR titles that we rowed!  But better late than never!

For our second row we worked with Madeline.

This is a delightful story about a little girl called Madeline what happens when she has an appendectomy.  This story led to so many interesting conversations about boarding school and why parents would do such a thing to their kids!  D still things Madeline's parents are cruel to do that!  We also had conversations about compassion and that was another idea from the book.

We located France and Paris on our world map.  D even colored a French flag.  We talked about the Eiffel Tower and worked with a $1 Eiffel Tower craft from Michaels.  The Tower was difficult to put together and collapsed with the slightest movement.  We had fun though!

We checked out "Crepes" by Suzette from our local library to go with the France theme.

What a delightful book.  We learnt a lot of French phrases and also tried Crepes with the recipe in the book.  I don't have any pictures of our Crepes, because we ate them before clicking some pictures!

Another delightful book that we read based in Paris.  This book is no longer available on Amazon, but here is a picture of the cover.  The author is Catherine Stock.

We also read "Suzette and the Puppy", a story based on a painting by Mary Cassatt.

Since "Madeline", the heroine has an appendectomy we had a lot of interesting conversations regarding taking care of our body.  We read a couple of books on the same topic.

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