Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cultural Exchange - Mexico 2

Here is another installment of a package we received in the Cultural Exchange we participated.  As I have mentioned earlier we were part of two 6 people groups and this is another package from Mexico that we received.  

First is a letter that we received from the family.  A recipe and some picture cards that can be used for some games or to learn simple Spanish words.

Some wonderful pictures of people from Mexico.

Flag, Currency, tiny maraca, tiny bowl and tiny footwear.

Map of Mexico, some candies and lemon salt.  Also included was a coloring page with Mexican costumes.

A red chili pinata, foam Mexican shapes, corn husk and a paper Mexican doll.

Coloring page of a Mayan pyramid, finger puppets of butterflies to color and some wooden beads for stringing.

The blue item is a lovely Mexican design that can be used as a stencil.  On the other sheet is a set of instructions to parents for all the wonderful crafts included in the package.

Two crafts, making the God's eye and a cute flower mask.

Some facts about Mexico and the significance of the flag.

This was a wonderful package and I was amazed at the number of items included in the package.  I used a lot of items from this package to fill our North America Continent Box.  If only my Box were bigger, I would used all the items from this package!

To see more of our cultural exchange packages, visit here.

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