Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Post

Hi... I am excited to be joining the world of home schooling my two precious daughters!  Right now my husband and I have not decided whether we want mommy to be the exclusive teacher.  Whatever we decide, I have tons of plans and it should be interesting to see how  I execute these! I am have not had a formal training in teaching, nor have I taught any one else.  I have worked in the computer industry for 12 odd years.  I love challenges and I consider homeschooling the biggest and immediate challenge now.

As an introduction, D is 4 years old, a princess as she should be.  My other little princess is M, 9 months old.  This blog would be our journey in learning and education and challenges as we move through life.

D was in a Montessori preschool till yesterday.  She has been going there for 1 year.  Well, let me just say that this school is not a best fit for her educational or emotional needs.  My husband and I have decided to pull her out.  While I love the Montessori concrete and independent approach to learning, I am open and as of now the plan is to modify things that don't work well for us.  I don't work outside the house, so being a single income family has some financial constraints but not paying through the nose for a preschool education should help some.

The reason for this blog is to jot down my ideas and journal our homeschool activities.  I regularly read through a ton of blogs that inspire me and I hope that some of what I do might be useful to somebody out there.

I would be posting my plans and the direction we are going to take in the next few days.

I am all charged up and excited!

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