Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly wrap-up

We had an "illness" week here.  Now, when I look at the pictures I took this week, seems like we still had a good school week!

 Here are two pictures of my nearly 3 year old in action!

I introduced Sentence Analysis for D this week.  After my introduction she worked on it on her own creating her own two word sentences, cutting and placing it under the right label.

The chart I made looks really bad, doesn't it?!
D prefers making her own sentences to diagram.  Here is one she dictated to me and then diagrammed! Can you see that we are big Magic School Bus fans here!

She got to the next box in Grammar.  This was Singular and Plural: adding "s".  She did this in one go and told me it was too easy for her.  I think this is because we did cover this topic during our primary language sequence.

Metal Insets are a favorite here.  I am glad I purchased this plastic set from eBay for $20.  Worth the money!

She worked on subtraction story problems this week.  I also introduced the small bead frame (done on the Large Bead Frame at our place!).

Here D is labeling each angle in the triangles of the geometric cabinet to be either right, acute or obtuse.  This was a followup of the angles presentation we did last week.

We are also trying out this brilliant idea of work plans.  Anytime D did something other than what was there on the plan, she wanted me to add it.  So I have a bunch of blank cards on there for her to use as she pleases.  This is still a work in progress and we are finding out what works and what does not.  Will post more as we discover more.

Of course, M needs to have her own too.  I had only one more pocket chart in green, so we used this pencil holder as her second one!

To finish off, here is a piece of art from D.  One day this week, I found this crumpled piece of paper on the floor and found D stomping it over and over.  When questioned she told me that she wanted to create texture just like how it is in the cave walls and that was her technique!!!

Oil Pastels. Crumpled and stomped on for the texture!


  1. What is most fascinating about the crinkled paper is that we have an art DVD set that has the children creating cave painting in one activity - and they specifically say to crumple, unfold, crumple, unfold, etc. several times to get the cave-wall affect. How wonderful she thought of that herself! :)

    What a good week you all had too! Illness or no illness :)

    1. Thanks Jessica! I told D about the art DVD and how she thought that was cool that she thought of that herself!

  2. Thank you for posting your work plan! You all get so much done! I think I need to step up our days a little, lol!

    1. You are welcome Lisa! Remember it is up there on the plan, but things happen and we don't stick to it to the letter. A lot of negotiations are happening too, like she wants to work on subtraction, but instead of the snake game she wants to do the word problems and so on. It is a WIP and hopefully this would help us set a rhythm and routine meaningful to us! Last week because we were all sick we were home all week and that is why we did so much too.


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