Monday, November 5, 2012

Addition Story Problems

As I was going through Karen Tyler's Math Albums to see what I have missed, I came across the Story problem presentations.  So I quickly printed out the three Story Problem Sheets that she had provided with the course.  D worked with the first one and loved it.  I showed her how to record it in her Math journal.  After finishing the Addition Strip Board, it was good practice for D to work on addition facts as well as to see how it might fit into the real world.


  1. Hi PPK,

    If you are looking for more math stories, I've just starting using Natural Maths along Montessori.

    You can read more at my blog - follow the links on Problemitized Situations

    and problem solving


  2. Thanks tracey! We love the RightStart games too! I stopped by your page and love what you have written! I need to check out the Natural Math stuff. Seems so logical. I love Montessori for the same reason that the learning that we do seems natural and not forced!


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