Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Toddler Montessori

M is 2 years and 5 months old and is slowly moving into the primary stage of Montessori. She can already start and work successfully with some of the starter materials like the Pink Tower, Color Box 1 and 2, Power of 2 cube, etc.  I love that she understands that the work trays have to be put away and the mat rolled and put away after every work cycle, most days! I am still working with my 5 year old on that!  My 5 year old needs constant reminders, could be because we started Montessori at home with her only after she turned 5, while M has it since birth.  I just love working with my kids at home and glad that we found and are using Montessori principles for that!

I don't post often about the work that M does.  She in fact works with us everyday, usually by herself.  Some days she will just go in and out of the school room doing her own thing.  She has mostly learned to leave D alone with her work and mind her business!  Here are some pictures of her work on a day from last week.

We love to build the pink tower vertically.

Horizontally, not so much!

We love the power of two cube!

Spooning lentils

Pouring Pasta

Tonging Stones!

Matching Rainforest animals to pictures in the book,  an all time favorite work!

Matching some wild animals using cards I purchased from Montessori Services

Old fashioned hammering.

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  1. Simple yet great activities to keep the toddler engaged and have fun!


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