Friday, October 14, 2011

We are still here!

We are still here! We just recovered from a bout of change of weather illness!  We've been taking it slow around our homeschool here.  I would be posting about our new trays next week.  For now, D is working through the Reading Folders and working on Golden Beads addition.  We've been doing some Science and Geography too, but I would be putting out new trays next week.  We are continuing to make tens using the Right Start Math curriculum and are currently done with Step 16 in our All about spelling program.  We rowed Madeline and Lentil and are currently on "A Pair of Red Clogs" on our FIAR books.  M has been having a good time with her current trays, I should put out new work for her by next week.  Hope everyone has been having a better start to their school year than us!

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