Friday, August 26, 2011

Our first week of school for the 2011-12 year

With the school room all setup we started school (not that we took a break!) last monday (22nd Aug).  We started a couple of weeks early because we are taking a few weeks off next month.  The kids were sick Tuesday, so we took a break on Tuesday but continued to have school the rest of the week.

We don't have a strict routine, but we try to be consistent with what we are doing everyday.  We wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, change the calendar date (currently in our dining room) and get into the school room.  D does all the stuff she does without me doing any new presentations as I need to keep M from getting into all the good stuff in the room!  We stay there till M gets tired and starts getting into everything she is not supposed to and then get out.  Sometimes D continues in there without me doing mostly practical life stuff and then gets to our dining area where I have her art supplies set up.  At various times through out the day you can find her at her art area cutting, gluing, drawing, coloring and generally creating.

As far as RightStart and All About Spelling, this week we worked on it a couple of days each for 10 - 15 mins late afternoons.  We've been practicing the oral addition/subtraction problems for fun all week.  D even makes up her own which is a lot of fun.  For FIAR, we've been reading tons of books related to the FIAR book but have not been doing any actual activities.  I will keep it this way I think as I am pretty exhausted setting up all the montessori stuff for her anyway! The good thing is that we are reading a lot and the FIAR books are awesome.

Here are some pictures from our first day.  My 1 year old is working on pouring, open and close basket and stacking rings.

My 4 year old is working on stitching buttons, musical instruments, screws and hammering, astronomy, the golden bead material and fractions.

We also did a presentation on Living and non-living things and you can find a blog post on that here.

Apart from these, I had left the Object Box 1 and 2 out in the language area and over the course of the week D completed both of these.  I need to now start changing the objects in the boxes or advance to the next step in the sequence.  We also did a primitive map lesson in the geography area.  D has been working on tracing her numbers and is pretty good now with writing those.  The work on fractions during school time has made her think about how to make fractions with her food!

It has been a very interesting week and we hope to continue the same pace the rest of the year, God willing!


  1. Wonderful activities for both girls! Could you also add this to your Infant/Toddler Montessori category? I added your Infant/Toddler Montessori posts to It would be great to have this post in the category as well. I love how you include both ages in your homeschool! :)


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