Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Infant/Toddler Montessori

I realized that I don't post much about anything I did/do with M.  Ever since her birth I've tried to incorporate as much Montessori as possible with M.  There is no separate room for D or M, because we co-sleep.  With M it is so much easier because she nurses at night and co-sleeping is the only way I will get some sleep.  Our mattress is on the floor, we have a king and queen size one next to each other on the floor.  This works perfect for us, as during the day M naps here and is totally content.

Our montessori mirror is in the play/family room as this is where we spend all of our waking hours.  I got this mirror a bit late when M was around 4-5 months old (sitting up well) and M has enjoyed it a lot.  D loves it too when playing dress up.  The mirror I got is from here.  Its acrylic and has stood up well to all the banging from M!

I used to have little baskets of play/interesting things right below the mirror on the floor for M to play with.  Now, she just plays with D's stuff, and I have a shelf in our school room for M with her Montessori items.  M is going to turn a year old in less than a week and loves doing all the activities I put out for her.  I will post about some of these activities in the coming days.

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